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Can You Spare a Click? Fundsourcing Your Family Goals

Janene Mascarella -

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Parenting Magazine: Dadchelor Party: A 'Baby Shower' for the Dad-to-Be

Get the low-down on the latest dad-to-be trend: throwing a dadchelor party....

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The Benefits of Older Parents

More people are becoming parents in their late 30s and 40s and are finding that there are surprising benefits in older pregnancy...

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The Sandwich Generation

More commonly, momsanddads are caring for their kids and their parents....

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Baby Bathtime

So you've just brought your squirmy little bundle home from the hospital. Until his umbilical cord falls off (in about a week) you should sponge-bathe him every other day. Nervous? Tips to help you handle it like a pro: Get set Choose the right time: when he's rested, calm, and...


Becoming a Postpartum Shopaholic

It started off so innocently. A smoothie at the mall. A new outfit for my then 6-month-old son. Another nursing shirt from Motherhood Maternity. What else could I do? The mall was an easy way to kill a few hours -- and my budget. While my son snoozed in the...


The Bank of Granny

More families are making withdrawals. But are there hidden costs?...


Why Women Lie to Their Kids

One mom explains why parents lying to their children is nothing new--and why it won't stop any time soon...