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Beauty Director at Bella NYC Magazine + columnist for Parade Magazine. Journalist for national publications SELF, CNN, WASHINGTON POST, WOMEN'S HEALTH, USA TODAY + more

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BP Oil Spill: Disturbing Images of a Disaster - AOL Travel Ideas

Social media collectively cringing at this most unnatural hazard It’s chemistry 101: Oil and water do not mix. It’s just hard not to be outraged and deeply saddened by the images leaking from the Gulf coast. The damage is almost too deep for words. The wildlife is struggling to keep...

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Hunky Chefs at the Top of the Food Chain - AOL Travel Ideas

Something sizzling in the kitchen? Why yes there is. There is nothing more appealing than dashing guy—who can cook! Having personally met a majority of the chefs on this lust-list, all I can say is sadly, these pictures do them little justice. Here’s a little look-see at eight swoon-worthy chefs...

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New Jersey Gems? - AOL Travel Ideas

Sounds like an oxymoron. A gem in New Jersey? Well, I’m here to tell you as a Jersey girl (born and raised!) the New Jersey is NOT the armpit of America. If you haven’t noticed Jersey is smoking hot right now, thanks to some popular reality TV shows. Want to...

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Say Cheese! Photos You Hoped Would Never Surface From a Vacation - AOL Travel Ideas

How do you take your vacation pictures--with or without cheese? These globe trotters just couldn’t resist hamming up le fromage factor....